A Lively Tattoo Of Rick And Morty

Rick And Morty Tattoos

When a simple green flat can display animated scenes. On the occasion of a tattoo of Rick and Morty on the leg of one of his clients, the artist and tattoo artist Roy Lee Rowlett based in Louisville, Kentucky, placed our two friends in front of a green screen allowing thus to realize some special effects as in the cinema. The tattoo ideas https://tattooli.com/ of this fan can now display what you want through the magic of post-production.

For the record, season 4 of Rick and Morty went into production this summer. The 70 new episodes are expected to be delivered in 2019.

Ice cream Rick and Morty land at Afters

If fans of Rick and Morty can already have a drink in a bar in Chicago dedicated to the animated series, they can now enjoy their heroes in the form of ice cream.
2 dedicated perfumes

In the United States, the very popular Afters ice cream and ice cream chain has just signed a collaboration with Rick and Morty. On the program: a creation of two original perfumes, one green (caramel) green contains marshmallow and sour candies, the other black perfume includes the famous “Black Brownie” perfume embellished with brownie nuggets , all sprinkled with icing sugar and small “Black Galaxy” type sugar stars.

Alas, to enjoy these ice cream Rick and Morty, it will go to Southern California, where Afters chain holds many stores (Los Angeles, San Diego …). It may be ideas for a manufacturer to edit a more accessible version.

1 / Fragrance: green caramel, marshmallow and acidulous candies

Rick And Morty Ice Cream


Launch of a game Doctor Maboul version Rick and Morty\

While waiting for the new episodes of Rick and Morty expected before the end of the year, here is a board game that will help you to wait.

Conceived in 1965 by John Spinello and edited by Milton Bradley, Dr. Maboul is a board game that flooded homes in the early 80s. The principle is simple: the game is in the form of an operating table, with the illustration of a patient pierced with cavities occupied by white plastic elements with humorous names. Powered by a battery, the patient’s nose is represented as a red light bulb that illuminates when you touch the edges of the cavities. The goal of the game is to raise the most money by performing “surgical operations”.

In early 2019, fans of the Rick and Morty series can now step into the shoes of our famous duo and try to save their patient of the day. Based on the episode dubbed Anatomy Park the game features the body of “Ruben”, a homeless person that Rick Sanchez and his grandson Morty are trying to save. In this episode, Morty ends up in a strange park with serious disease themes inside the body of this homeless person.


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